Liquid filling Solution :

We work with both Sterile and non-Sterile liquid filling machine manufacturers and supply single machines or complete turnkey solutions. Our customers range from small start-up companies and specialist producers, to large scale multinational pharmaceutical companies and manufacturers.

Our suppliers cater for hot or cold liquids, Sterile or non-sterile, Atex or non-Atex filling applications. We offer various filling systems including, Electronic Gear pump fillers, Rotary, Volumetric flow, Peristaltic, Electromagnetic Flow & Mass Flow Meter Filling lines.

We are the EXCLUSIVE UK supplier for closed vial filling systems from the Belgium manufacturer, Aseptic Technologies.

Tablet Counting and Packaging:-

We offer semi and fully automatic electronic tablet counting lines as well as clinical trials filling units.

Sorting & Unscrambling

Bottle, cap and tablet sorting systems are all available from PAP Services across a range of industry sectors. We offer automatic variable speed sorting machines that take empty bottles in bulk and orient and position them onto a moving conveyor.

Solutions for Inspection and leak test

PAP Services provides the solution to the problems of reliability and simplicity of use in the inspection and leak test of pharmaceutical

products inside glass or plastic containers.

Isolators – Barrier Isolation technology

Customised high-quality barrier isolator systems and unique integration approach, ranging from the isolator itself to bio-decontamination and air-handling technology to Glove integrity testing units, Aseptic processes, containment systems and quality control -Microbiology systems are all part of our services we provide.

Cartoning, Casepacking & Tray packing

PAP Services specialize in offering customised solutions in range of forming, closing, cartoning, case-packing, tray packing and palletizing

machines, incorporated into complete packaging lines. Our machinery supply covers vertical or horizontal loading of products for intermittent or continuous motion applications.

Stickpack , VFFS and HFFS machines

Pharma, dairy, food and nutritional food industries all use these packaging and PAP Services supplies various solutions to comply with such

requirements. From single lane to multi-head machines to complete turnkey dedicated lines.

Tablet compression machines, Tooling and Granulation equipment

process equipment including :-

Tablet Compression Machines/Tooling/Spares,

  • Roll Compactors,
  • Vacuum Tray Dryers,
  • Blenders ,
  • Colloid Mill,
  • Sifter,
  • Granulation Equipment Like (FBD , RMG etc.)
  • Multi Mill,
  • De Burring & De Dusting Equipment,
  • Dust Extractor,

Thermoforming, suppository, unit dose and syringe filling systems

PAP Services offers, supply of film for uni-dose packaging, suppositories and deep blister, thermoforming machines to cater for various industries.

We offer the correct thermoforming machinery as well as the correct product handling for any type of packaging.