PAP Services
PAP Services
FarmoRes Sr.l. FarmoRes Sr.l. Established more than 40 years ago have an impressive reference list and are represented in all major blue chip international companies. They specialise In the automatic packaging of “Syringes, Vials, Ampoules, Soft Contact Lenses and Suppository mono dose unit.” Proven thermoforming packaging solution and a provider to the Pharmaceutical and other industries.
Pharma Packaging Systems Ltd. Manufactures tablet counting machines from low volume 8 lane to twin 12 lane machines for vitamins, pharmaceutical tablets, capsules, plus equipment to supply completes lines, unscrambles, cappers etc. Also bench top counting machines. Pharma Packaging Systems Ltd.
Cariba S.r.l. Cariba S.r.l. Cartoners from Bologna are family owned and specialise in intermittent motion vertical and side loading cartoners =, as well as casepacker and tray formers for the food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries .
CCONVEL Manufacturer of automatic inspection machines for liquid products in ampoules and vials. Specialised in leak test technology based on high voltage for ampoule, and vials high speed lines. Offering off line manual leak test units for all kind of containers, including IV bags, BFS, PET bottles, plastic vials , etc. CCONVEL
 Bonfiglioli Engineering S.p.A Bonfiglioli Engineering S.p.A Bonfiglioli Engineering S.p.A is a worldwide leader on Quality Control Solutions. Non-destructive leak testing , visual inspection and Headspace Gas Analysis machinery for Laboratory and in line process They are certified ISO9001 manufacturer.
SPC Limited Manufacture small batch filling and closing machines for vials and syringes for clinical trials and pre-production. They manufacture high quality replacement filling pumps for most of the pharmaceutical filling machines in production. SPC Limited
TECNOTREND AUTOMAZIONE TECNOTREND AUTOMAZIONE A family owned Italian company with a long history of providing automation, project management and a solution provider for the pharmaceutical industry. They specialise in Micro and Macro powder dosing for Penicillin filling, lines. Growth of the company is built on recommendations and repeat orders.
Tien Tuan Pharmaceutical Machinery Ltd (TTP) Providing innovative solution in processing and packaging machinery. Certified with ISO 9001:2008 and CE Mark by TUV Rheiland. Products ranges: R&D equipment; Granulation line (High Speed Mixer & Granulator, Fluid bed Dryer & Granulator, Lifter, IBC Blender,...); Packaging line (Auto coater, Blistering machine, Capsule filling machine, Sachet machine); Pellet line, Tien Tuan Pharmaceutical Machinery Ltd (TTP)
TM S.r.l. TM S.r.l. Founded in 2000, TM designs and manufactures automatic and semi-automatic machines for filling and sealing of plastic strips of 5 unit-dose containers of Polyethylene, Polypropylene etc. for the Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic industry. Machines for the filling and sealing of pre-made strips of plastic unit-dose containers (0.5ml-10ml).
Bisioprogetti S.p.A. Part of the Guala Group is specialised in mould manufacturing and contract injection moulding of finished product for specific purposes. A qualified supplier of moulded items in class A clean rooms. Pre-moulded strips manufacturer of unit doses for specific uses in the pharmaceutical industry such as eyewash, inhaler, vaccine and oral care. Bisioprogetti S.p.A.
ICOS IMPIANTI GROUP ICOS IMPIANTI GROUP Established since 1983, design and manufacture GXP standard pharmaceutical auto-claves, unique stopper processors, dry heat sterilisers and washing machines. All ICOS product range can be custom made to the customer's required specification and their impressive reference list is their best advert. www. icosimpianti. com
Comecer S.p.A World leader in protection technologies with isolators, nuclear medicine, and nuclear power plant equipment. Comecer offers standard and tailored solutions: isolators for aseptic and/or toxic products (i.e. API dispensing), for sterility testing, integration in automatic sterile filling lines, Rabs & C-Rabs, glove boxes, systems and procedures for testing (i.e. glove and chamber leak testing), Comecer S.p.A
Aseptic Technologies Aseptic Technologies They provide SAFER & EASIER Aseptic Filling to the Biopharmaceutical industry with the Ready-to-fill Crystal® Closed Vial technology. Crystal vials are made of a rigid and transparent COC polymer body and of an elastomeric stopper, allowing laser re-sealing. This new technology is EMA approved.

 Packaging & Process Services Limited

“Packaging & Process Services Ltd”. and its partners in the industry are providing a unique service in bringing together a portfolio of many companies in packaging and process technology. A personal service packaged with over twenty seven years industry experience, aided by equipment integration, bespoke manufacturing, project management and validation services.
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